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Standing Production Committee
Mission: Manage the flow of gizmos to ensure effective reuse by overseeing Build, Mac Build, Laptop Build, Advanced Testing, Printer Reuse, and Hardware Grants
Programs: Prebuild, Build, Mac Build, Laptop Build, Server Build, Advanced Testing, Printer Reuse
Email: production at
Likely Suspects: eBeth, Cliff, Amelia, Sean, Brian, Darren, Cynthia, Vagrant(?)


  • $500 / quarter for Laptop Power Supplies (which we need to make nice laptops reuseful)
  • $500/annually for outreach/inreach, supplies


See also: Reuse

Standing Goals

  • Reuse program evaluations
  • Area budgets, expenses, and you
  • Tech needs & priorities for areas
  • Meeting Topics, proposals trackers