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A How-To

Pick up a projector from the shelf where Receiving has placed it.

First the projector must be inspected for loose parts, gently rotate the unit till you are certain there are no loose parts inside. The bulb is made glass and may have shattered.

  If there is clear damage and loose internal parts do not start the unit get an instructor to triage the unit.: 
    • If the unit has passed the first inspection move on to powered testing.
      • Connect to both a power and signal cable and turn on the unit. If the unit powers it may need to take a few moments to test and warm up, after the unit will illuminate the bulb(s).
  • If the unit starts but doesn't illuminate, the bulb is out.
Mark it as tested and put on the bulk sales shelf if it is a small or home unit, if it is a large or theater projector check with instructor first.
  • If it does illuminate, go into the OSD and switch the input signal to whatever input you had to use. On a side note DO NOT select reset option at any time.
  • If you cannot get the input signal to display even after you have found the input connection you used then get an instructor.

Otherwise after you verify the signal input get the information on number of hours on the bulb.

It will be either hours used or hours left, it varies by manufacturer. If you cannot find it after looking in every choice on the menu besides reset, get an instructor. If you do find it write it on a sticker.

Once complete set aside on the shelf and move onto the next, once you finish all that are on hand inform the instructor they will determine the next destination of the projector based of possible value and utility.'