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Standing Propagation Committee
Mission: Outreach to organizations to promote reuse of hardware and use of Free and Open Source Software.
Current Staff Members:
Programs: Liaison with Free Geek startups (the replication of Free Geek elsewhere), liaison with GAP volunteers, Hardware Grants.
Email: propagation at
Likely Suspects: Richard, Vagrant

Our programs


  • Currentley all tasks for the committe are kept in RT.
  • Meetings happen roughly every other week, on tuesday mornings. check the calendar to be sure.
  • Minutes are recorded on the minutes mailing list
  • Propagation Jan 26, 2005



On 10/05, the Propagation Committee was dissolved, and its functions were distributed to the C7, Reuse, Technocrats, and Outreach committees. The committee was restarted approximately a year later.

Budgeted Expenses

(Your actual expense budget goes here, along with explanatory notes, for example notes indicating which months expenses are expected to happen in,.)

  • $25/month for travel/miscellaneous expenses
  • $700 Canada TM
    • $250 spent in June 08, $200 more to be spent in December 08
  • $250 US TM (adding another category)

Nonrecurring expenses

(This is where one time expenses would go. Yearly or more often go above.)

  • $1500 WIPO (approved by Board in July/Aug 2008) to be implemented January 2009

Related Items

(This is for notes that indicate expenses that affect your committee but are actually classified under a different committee.)

  • Increased long distance.
  • Potential for legal consultation or related expenses (i.e. sending registered letters or covering lawyer's costs)