Proposed Freekbox Changes

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I propose we look at three alternatives for our default distribution:

1) Use a slightly modified default Debian setup similar to what I created, plus the utilities we have developed (basiccheck, modem drivers, etc)

2) Add and remove packages from our current freekbox 3 to attain the functionality in the default Debian install, but keep the basic plan the same.

3) Convert to Ubuntu.


Please add your criteria below


  • gui administration
Dave's quote is "The adopter should never have to open a terminal"
  • automount mass storage devices
This includes thumb drives, cd drives, many cameras, ipods
  • accessibility?
Support for other languages, alternate access.

specific software

  • camera software
  • scanner software
  • CD/DVD ripping & burning
  • as many wireless driver modules as possible
  • PDA support for Palm, Symbian, Linux handheld devices
  • Phone sync support for mobile phone synching
  • Bluetooth support for mobile phone/PDA syncing, file transfer, etc