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As part of ongoing efforts to make Portland a healthier place to live, work and do business, Free Geek will work to the extent possible to purchase equipment or materials that are recyclable, made of recycled content, and reduce waste.



To provide guidelines for purchasing activities to maximize the purchase of recycled content products that are recyclable and reduce waste, where performance will not be compromised.
Businesses generate more than three-quarters of Portland’s waste, much of which can be reduced through the use of reusable products, the implementation of recycling and careful waste segregation. Buying products with recycled content also helps create a market for these materials and drives their prices down.
In complying with this, Free Geek will request that suppliers specify whether there is an alternative product that has recycled content or is recyclable that could be substituted.



Purchasing Personnel
In an effort to minimize waste, staff involved in purchasing decisions shall adhere to the guidelines set forth in this policy when making purchasing decisions. The Purchasing staff personnel will participate in establishing goals to increase the number of recyclable products or products that are made of recycled content used by Free Geek.
Areas and End Users
Individuals in all areas (including but not limited to the front desk, receiving, store, recycling and build) must work with purchasing personnel to evaluate the feasibility of recyclable products, products that are made of recycled content and products that reduce waste in application.

Purchasing Guidelines

Establish a waste minimization policy with vendors.
Whenever possible the use of equipment and products that are recyclable, made of recycled content and/or reduce waste should be maximized. These products should be purchased whenever such alternatives exist and performance is not compromised.
Select those vendors who are willing to meet waste minimization goals.
Purchasing agents shall request from vendors information relating to recycled content and recyclability of products and equipment, and the opportunities these items offer to prevent waste. Purchasing agents will then develop a preferred list of vendors based on those who are willing to help provide such alternatives.