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All About Receiving Boxes


  • Take to Audio/Visual Incoming (see map).

Advanced Testing

  • Contents:
    • DVD Drives
    • CD-R and CD-RW Drives
    • External DVD & CD-RW Drives
    • High Temp Lubricants
    • Thermal Grease
    • Zip Drives w/ USB
  • When full, take to Advanced Testing Incoming (see map).
  • If you have questions about whether A/T will test an item not listed here, ask the instructor on duty in the area.

Anti-Static Bags

  • When full, check with the Store to see if they need any. The rest get tossed in the dumpster outside of the warehouse (unless you can think of a cool art project for them).


  • Contents:
    • Batteries from devices we receive.
    • FreeGeek does not accept loose batteries. If someone wants to donate loose batteries, direct them to the donations desk where they can pick up an "Other Recyclers" flier which will say where to recycle batteries.
  • Cell phone batteries go in Cell Phone Accessories.
  • Laptop batteries go in Laptop Accessories.
  • No light ballasts.
  • When full, test Alkaline and Lithium Batteries. Use the voltmeter above the tools in receiving. Take good batteries to the Store in a bag and sorted bad batteries to Recycling Check-In (see map).


  • Contents:
    • Cards and motherboards
  • When full, put them under the lesson boxes on the shelving unit near Hardware ID.

Cassettes and Other Data Cartridges

  • Take them to the Advanced Recycling Incoming shelves (see map). Separate cassettes (videotape and audiotapes can stay together), Zip disks, metal-backed data cartridges, and strange/evil disks per staff's instuctions.


  • Contents:
    • CDs only. No cases.
  • Use the CD shredder (if available) to destroy data from burnt CDs.
  • If the CD shredder is not available, make the CD unreadable in a safe and effective manner. Do not cut the CD as this can produce "shrapnels". Scratching only the back of the CD is not effective.
  • We don't save software CDs as we cannot resell them do to copyright issues.
  • All game CDs go in the game box. CDs with good music can be saved for receiving.
  • CDs are shipped to a recycling vendor, hence they need to go into a shippable box.
  • When full, make sure there are only CDs in the box and no cases. Put CDs into a box with a lid. Place them near the Recycling Work Table (see map).

Cell Phone Accessories

  • Give this box to a staff member to give to E-beth to put into T.A.R.D.I.S.

Copper Bearing Material

  • CHECK FOR HARD DRIVES. Take out any batteries (check inside devices), CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, or tape drives. Make sure there are no cords in the boxes. Bring the box to the Recycling Warehouse and set down in front of the CBM gaylord. Do not dump the box into the gaylord; recycling staff will sort through the box before it is dumped into the gaylord.


  • Contents:
    • Strange items with mixed metal and and plastic that can be easily separated.
    • Speakers with wood panels.
    • Examples: monitor bases, other stuff?
  • In order to prevent the deconstruction pallet from overflowing, anything with electronics goes in CBM, not deconstruction. The only exception to this are speakers with wood panels.
  • Deconstruct ring binders in receiving.
  • When full, take to the warehouse and and set near the deconstruction pallet (see map). Recycling staff will sort through the bin before it is put on the deconstruction pallet.

Dirty Plastic

  • Sort out filmy plastic (gets recycled as plastic bags), E-Plastic, and anything else that isn't dirty plastic. Take the box to the Recycling warehouse and set it near the Dirty Plastic gaylord (see map). Do not dump the box into the gaylord; recycling staff will sort through the bin before it is put in the gaylord.


  • Contents:
    • Thermoplastics, i.e. plastics from electronics.
    • The plastic will usually have one of these labels:>ABS< (Acrylonitrile butadienestyrene), >HDPE< (High density Polyethylene), >LDPE< (Low density Polyethylene), >PS<(Polystyrene).
  • No metal!
  • If you an unsure about something e-plastic and it does not have one of the above labels, put it in Dirty Plastic.
  • What happens to E-Plastic?
  • When full, make sure there is no metal on any of the plastic. Take to the warehouse and set near the E-Plastic gaylord. Do not dump in the gaylord; recycling staff will sort through the box before it is dumped in the gaylord.

Fans/Heat Sinks

  • Contents:
    • Computer fans
    • Computer heat sinks
  • When full, take to the Advanced Testing Incoming shelves (see map).
  • Fans and heat sinks are tested by A/T. Good ones are reused in the build program or sold in the thrift store.

Filmy Plastic

  • Separate out any Anti-Static Bags (the silver ones). Plastic bags with handles can go to the store. The rest of the plastic can be bagged up with a bag from the Supplies Closet and taken to the warehouse near the Styrofoam (see map).

Floppy Disks

  • Contents:
    • Only 3.5 inch floppy disks.
    • No zip disks, no 5.25 inch floppies, etc.
  • When full, check to make sure that there are no zip disks or other misplaced objects. Zip disks go in the box for Cassettes and Other Data Cartridges. Bring to the warehouse near the Recycling Work Table.
  • Floppy disks are disassembled at the Recycling Work Table.


  • Ask a staff member to take the games to the CGL.

Head Phones

  • Untangle and bind up cords with rubber band. Then take them to the Monkey House for Liane.

Holding Tank

  • Ask staff member to take it to Laptops.

Jewel Cases

  • Contents:
    • Only CD cases.
  • All paper must be removed from cases.
  • Jewel cases are shipped to a recycling vendor, hence they need to be in a shippable box.
  • When full, Make sure paper has been removed. Place cases into a box with a lid. Then put them next to the Recycling Work Table in the warehouse (see map).

Magnetic Metals

  • Empty box into the steel cart in the warehouse between the gaylords.

Network Devices


  • Routers
  • Modems
  • USB Hubs
  • KVM Cables
  • KVM Switches
  • Include the power adapter, if there is one.
  • When full, put the box by the Network Testing table in Advanced Testing (see map).

Non-Magnetic Metals

  • Take them to the warehouse and find a staff member at Recycling Check-In (see map).

Online Sales

  • Place box on shelves or pile on the opposite side of the hallway from Mac Incoming.

PDA/Digital Camera Accessories

  • Bring the box to the Store hallway and place on the shelves labeled “Wireless Gizmos to be tested”

Power Supplies

  • Contents:
    • Power Supplies
  • Power supplies get tested in system evaluation. The good ones are reused through the build program or sold in the thrift store. The bad ones are disassembled in recycling.
  • When full, bring them to System Evaluation, to the left of the systems stack.

Printer Ink/Toner

  • Take to Printer Land.


  • Contents:
    • Socket based and slot based processors
  • If possible, do not put socket based processors in this box. Instead, walk all socket-based processors to Advanced Testing Incoming.
  • Do not put processors in CBM even if they are very old and AT will not want to reuse them. Processors are recycled separately from other parts so that the gold can be extracted from them.

Ribbon Cable

  • Remove any cables with steel plaques screwed onto the IDC connector (these go to the Deconstruction Box). Take Ribbon Cables to the Ribbon Cable Gaylord in the warehouse by CBM and Thin Colored Wire.


  • Bring box to the Store through the door by AV Testing. Set it on the shelf beneath the “All Incoming” sign.


  • Break up the Styrofoam inside of a big black trash bag from the Supplies Closet. Then take it to the warehouse and toss it up on the Styrofoam shelf (see map).

Thin Colored Wire

  • Take to the warehouse and empty box into the Thin Colored Wire Gaylord.

Unsorted Memory

  • Bring memory to Advanced Testing Incoming. Walk past the shelves to place memory in the small bin near the left-hand corner of the room (or ask).

Wall Warts

  • Bring to Advanced Testing Incoming.

Wireless Mice/Keyboards

  • Bring to Advanced Testing Incoming.