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This is a page for pre-announcing major drop offs and such.

Please include:

   * company name: Scapposse School District
   * contact person:Bill Jensen
   * contact's phone #:503  543-5656
   * contact's email:
   * day & date:
   * estimated time of arrival:
   * pallets yes/no:10 shrink wrapped pallers
   * estimate on amount:
   * FG contact (that's you!):Tammy front desk

  • Aug 6th, 7th or 8th, Thurs, Fri or Sat Chris Kline will bring in 10-12 dell power edge servers. His email: ckline (at)
  • Hey, this is just a heads up. Rejuvenation (the company) just called to schedule a donation of two pallets on Thursday, December 18. The time still isn't confirmed. You can contact Ruthie at 503-944-1773 or if there are any questions.
  • May 2nd, Saturday the Hosfor/Aberenathy Neighborhood Association will be doing their annual collection. eBeth told them to have people bring their donations directly to us so that we can ask for donations and so that the hardware donations are spread out throughout the day. She will contact us again to confirm.Elizabeth 00:10, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

/*July 2nd, company name unknown, paul, contact number unknown, contact email unknown, ata between 12-2pm, 8 pallets, estimated amount: 8 pallets, Tim Webster*/

Please be sure to tell the company contact:

  • About CRT & Television fees
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: "We are not open on Sundays and Mondays and do not arrange for drop offs on those days."

Once you have collected all of the above information and selected a date that works for them and for us:

  • Send an email to the company contact summarizing all of the above information.
  • Include the above statement about the days we are closed.
  • Notify receiving at freegeek dot org, recycling at freegeek dot org and front desk at freegeek dot org (via a cc: if in the same email).


* company name: 
   * contact person:
   * contact's phone #:
   * contact's email:
   * day & date:
   * estimated time of arrival:
   * pallets yes/no:
   * estimate on amount:
   * FG contact (that's you!):