Receiving Training Checklist

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Before Opening:

  • Put away any hardware left over from the night before and tally any dumps.
  • Empty any boxes that need it and replace boxes as necessary.
  • Make sure that you have enough donation tally sheets on each clip board (if not see if there are any that can erased at the front desk or print more) and make sure each clipboard has a sharpened pencil.
  • Gather and clear all carts.

At the beginning of your shift:

  • Introduce yourself to all volunteers.
  • Assess new volunteers' abilities and train them accordingly.
  • Show volunteers that will be assisting with taking donations where things belong, including a quick tour of the building to show them monitor testing, evaluation, and printerland incoming.
  • Teach speaker, mice and keyboard testing, and answer related questions.

Throughout shift:

  • Assist donors in unloading donations. Be available to answer questions donors have that volunteers may not have the answers to.
  • Assist volunteers in sorting smaller things, as well as dealing with larger hardware.
  • Keep an eye on the gaylords on the sidewalk, check for dumps as well as incorrect items.
  • Empty boxes on shelves as nessecary, as well as the cardboard and paper.
Are things slow?
  • Tie up cords
  • Make sure all plastic bins have appropriate plastics in them
  • go through boxes & sort
  • network devices - match up wall warts with their devices
  • usb cables
  • vga/monitor cables
  • old drives (look for cd/rw and dvd/rom)
  • wall warts - sort for recycle and network devices
  • sweep sidewalk
  • sweep floor
  • purge room of dirty dishes

At closing:

  • After gaylords have been removed, sweep the sidewalk.
  • Empty boxes as necessary.
  • Turn off lights and shutdown testing computer and stereo system.
  • Thursday night = take out paper recycling