Policy on Receiving and depositing money

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Maybe we can subsume this and certain other money-related items under a "Money Handling Policy" or "Accounting Practices Policy"? Ali 21:31, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

The jobs of receiving money for Free Geek, recording it in the books (or accounting software), and depositing that money should be split between at least two separate people. Under normal circumstances:

  • The C7 committee designates who on staff can receive money and who can do the books.
  • The C7 committee recommends to the board who can deposit the money.
  • C7 should design appropriate procedures for tracking money that comes in.
  • The person receiving the money (receiver) is responsible for following procedure, recording the amount and other information, and putting the money in a secure location.
  • The person doing the books (bookkeeper) is responsible for following procedure and correctly entering the transactions in the books (or accounting software).
  • The person depositing the money is responsible for getting the money safely to the bank and reporting the deposit information to the bookkeeper.

It is likely that the receiver and the bookkeeper will be the same person. If a check comes in the mail it should be given to a receiver. Front Desk and Thrift Store staff must be able to be receivers.