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* [[Group volunteering#Currently_Scheduled_Group_Volunteering]]
* [[Group volunteering#Currently_Scheduled_Group_Volunteering]]
* [[Forklift]]
* [[Forklift]]
* [[Forklift Maintenance]]
* [[Toxins in Computers]]
* [[Toxins in Computers]]
* [[Trash, Paper, Glass]]
* [[Trash, Paper, Glass]]

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Recycling is basic in concept and complex in practice. The process of recycling at Free Geek is always evolving. Basically we break down electronic waste and separate the components into different categories. How and what we categorize is always changing.

Recycling Status

  • Doing great!

Receiving & Truck Calendars

Recycling cares what is on the Receiving & Truck Calendars because:

  • we may need to offload pallet-ized donations
  • we may need to loan volunteers to offload loose donations
  • we may need to provide pallets to help with loose donations


Truck usage google calendar


Recycling Volunteer Program

Why we do it - external links to more info

  • Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition - research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing to promote human health and environmental justice in response to the rapid growth of the high-tech industry. http://www.svtc.org
  • Basel Action Network - tracking the "toxic trade" and promoting good recycling - http://www.ban.org sign the pledge for more responsible recycling: http://www.ban.org/pledge/Locations.html

Recycling Pages