Removing components from systems

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Do not pull anything unless these instructions (or the whiteboard) say to pull it. This includes ribbon cables.

  • When pulling sound cards, leave sound cables attached to card (not CD Drive or motherboard)
  • Do not pull risers. (They are designed to go with the motherboard they came with and are not generic.)
  • When pulling any kind of drive, rails and brackets should stay with the system.
Half-height sized cards
A few PCI or AGP cards will have a back plate that is only half as tall as normal cards. These are "half height" cards and need to be left in green light systems.
This refers to the size of the "stem" of the card, not the card itself.
  • When pulling cards, leave cables attached to card
  • Do not pull risers. (They are designed to go with the case they came with and are not generic.)
  • Do not pull a "card" that does not go into an industry standard slot. (We do not consider these to be cards, and they need to stay with their motherboards.)

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