Retroactive Vacation Credit

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This old policy has been superseded by Staff Vacation Policies.

From staff meeting minutes

From October 5, 2004 staff meeting:

a. vacation backlog- oldsters have till 06 to use the back time.
sunset clause will be created for dealing with the final death of that
accumulated vacation.

Policy wording

Since we can't find the actual text, here's a shot at wording that reflects what I think we decided on

Retroactive vacation credit

  • For staff members hired prior to January 1, 2003 and still working, credit for vacation time between their hire date and December 31, 2002, shall be applied retroactively. Staff members included are:
    • Oso Martin (hired 2000)
    • Richard Seymour (hired 2001)
    • Laurel Hoyt (hired 2001)
    • Marlin Sweitzer (hired 2002)
    • Rick Konold (hired 2002)
  • This vacation time is exempt from the regular limitations on accrual.
  • This vacation time must be used by the end of the year 2006.