Reuse Department Coordinator

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    • Note: the text below is a DRAFT of a possible job description. It has not been agreed upon by anyone.**


Free Geek's Reuse Department encompasses multiple dynamic areas which both produce refurbished technology and educate volunteers about technology. This position works directly with Reuse Program Coordinators and other Reuse staff members and coordinates with Sales, Outreach, Education, Tech Support and Hardware Grants staff, as well as others as needed. The Reuse Department Coordinator will be responsible for integrating all Reuse areas of Free Geek into the overall flow of the organization, coordinating staff and volunteers, and working floor shifts in Reuse areas.

This is a job in a worker collective. Your first six months will be as a provisional member of the collective. At the end of that time Free Geek's decision whether or not to bring you on as a permanent collective member will be made through a peer review process.

Note: You may be a great candidate and not know it. It's more important for us to find someone who has a strong hands-on volunteer management background and an aptitude to learn nerdy stuff than for us to find a someone that speaks binary. Free Geek is an organization that teaches everyone who wants to learn about computers more than they ever wanted to know. We can teach you too.


  • Maintain schedule to ensure coverage for all Reuse areas
  • Work with Reuse staff to ensure that each respective area is running smoothly
  • Work floor shifts coordinating volunteers
  • Work with Reuse staff to refine and improve Reuse-related policies and procedures
  • Facilitate communication with other areas of Free Geek keeping all relevant parties abreast of decisions and changes to procedure
  • Ensure that gizmo quality control protocols are being met
  • Work with Reuse staff to recruit quality volunteers
  • Coordinate ordering supplies for Reuse area as needed
  • Ensure a steady supply of completed systems for Free Geek programs
  • Ensure that documentation is up to date as Reuse processes change
  • Work with other staff to improve Reuse capacity (e.g., upgrading gizmo specs and software)
  • Be available to handle questions and concerns about the Reuse department
  • Be an active member of the Production Committee
  • Participate in collective management structure
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, and other meetings as necessary

Required Qualifications

  • Project/program coordination experience
  • Experience coordinating staff and volunteers
  • Availability during Free Geek hours of operations, including morning and occasional evening meetings as required
  • Command of standard office software (word processing, spreadsheet, data entry)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Able to lift 25 lbs repeatedly, and 40 lbs. on occasion
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Detail-oriented, but able to see (and understand) the big picture
  • Ability to work in an informal environment with a diverse population
  • Dedication to Free Geek's mission and Open Source philosophies
  • Must be patient and courteous with the public
  • Ability to work with and coordinate volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience
  • Ability to remain professional and positive under stress in an informal, friendly environment with a diverse staff
  • Must not be afraid to ask questions, but must be able to work on projects almost entirely without supervision
  • Ability to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes

Desired Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of computer hardware, or demonstrated technical aptitude
  • Fluency in Spanish or another language
  • Experience using Ubuntu or other Free/Open Source software
  • Experience working in a collective/consensus structure