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The Reviewer conducts most of the review for a member of the staff collective. The Reviewer is a member of the HR committee.

The review is a chance for the collective to give the reviewee praise for a job well done, as well as a fact-finding mission and problem-solving session if there are issues for the reviewee to work on. The reviewee should come out of the review with a set of goals for the next review.


The details of the collective member review process look like this:

  1. The HR committee appoints a member to review the staff member currently up for review.
  2. The review form will be emailed to the collective, usually in the body of an email.
    • The form should include the employee's current goals and a link to their job description. You can see an example here. Goals and job descriptions are located on the employee's User page on the securewiki.
    • For probationary reviews, these questions should be included on the review form as well: General Questions for Collective Reviews.
    • Names should be included on these forms. If answers need clarification or should be written in a more constructive way, the panel is responsible for returning the form to the appropriate person for changes.
    • Please note: the review panel is responsible for screening comments for appropriateness. Comments should focus on behavior and job performance and be specific. They shouldn't cite diseases or disabilities as the causes of problems (although the behavior resulting from these situations, if they are relevant to the functions of the job, may be cited). Obviously, reasons relating to race, gender, religion, or political beliefs are inappropriate.
    • Review forms are emailed back to the reviewer.
  1. Adopted at Staff Collective meeting on May 11, 2012: "Supervisory relationships must be characterized by open and honest communication in order to be both effective and ethical. Performance evaluation is a core supervisory function. At Free Geek, we have chosen to have collective supervision of Collective members. It is therefore inappropriate and counterproductive to have anonymous commenting by Collective members during the Collective performance review process. It is also inappropriate and ineffective for a supervisor to refuse to conduct performance evaluations. Effective immediately, timely participation in all Collective reviews is a performance expectation of each Collective member, and anonymous commenting will no longer be allowed."
  1. Email collected comments to the reviewee, along with anonymized (and paraphrased as requested) feedback from bargaining unit employees.
  2. Hold the sit-down part of the review with the reviewee
    • Bring a copy of the Review Questions. Also bring copies of the master form and a copy of the self-evaluation the reviewee filled out.
    • Then work through the questions, taking notes. Ask other questions if you feel like it's appropriate.
    • If problems need addressing, ask clarifying questions, try to get a sense of why the problem happened, and work with the reviewee to find a solution. Make the solution one of the reviewee's goals.
    • At the end of this portion of the review, the worker being reviewed should have a set of goals to work towards. These goals should have resulted from digesting feedback from other workers as well as the reviewee's own aims for the future. Read them all aloud at the end of the sit-down and be sure everyone's on the same page.
  3. Save an electronic copy of the completed review on the reviewee's User page on the securewiki. Also add the new goals to this page.
  4. Report first to the HR Committee and then to the staff at the next staff collective meeting about the review, including new goals.
    • If the reviewee is a probationary staff member, guide the process along. See the bottom sections of Collective Member Review Policy to figure out how to proceed.
  5. After the review has been digested, delete the review forms from wherever you're storing them.