Rubber Band Ball

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Represents an ability to perform basic support tasks in the Thrift Store.

Training Manual

Print out the Training Manual and write the cadet's name across the top. Assign different sections of training to store staff, and as each major section is completed, award the cadet the appropriate Badge.

The Badges

Print out the Rubber Band Ball Badges on Avery 5963 Labels. (This file actually prints enough for two trainings, just to save sticker stock.)

Print the Rubber Band Ball Progress Sheet to a black and white printer. Post this somewhere public, such as in the back room of the store, preferably underneath a vaguely embarrassing photo of the cadet wearing a paper sash.

As each milestone is reached, affix the colorful sticker for the achievement over the appropriate spot on the Progress Sheet. When the whole progress sheet is filled, have the cadet say the oath, and give them the badge for the Rubber Band Ball.

Other Gags

Some other things you may require for training:

The Rubber Band Ball Oath
"I will faithfully execute all the menial, repetitive and thankless tasks I have learned, and will continue to do so as long as I'm working in the Thrift Store, regardless of any lofty station or rank I may attain. I will do this work with the stoic grace of Sisyphus, and I will teach others to do the same."

The Cadet is now ready to begin the Pricing Gun round of training.