Safety Tips By Area

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  • do not put monitors larger than 17" on top shelves


  • Know your lifting ability. Monitors are often heavy; remember that it is ok to ask someone to help you.
  • Keep an eye on carts with monitors on the top level as they sometimes tip over, especially if they are too near the edge of the sidewalk.
  • Do not pack monitor gaylords alone, this is a 2 person job.
  • When cutting wire, particularly wallwarts, use insulated clippers.
  • Be careful when smashing printers. This is best done behind the row of gaylords while keeping an eye on the windows.

  • If you do get hurt, please inform a staff member immediately, even if it seems like something little. We just want to make sure you are ok.




  • keep objects out of pathway. i.e. free boxs under table need to be push back out of the way.
  • keep box lids tucked inside and out of path ways.
  • keep floor swept and free of objects to avoid slipping.


Between Here and There

  • keep sidewalk pathway clear of donated items and paper or other items that may cause slipping.