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Samsung Phone Data Erase

Master Clear

  1. Make Sure the SIM Card has been removed from the phone
  2. Press *2767*3855#, if that doesn't work try *2767*2878#
  3. Wait for the phone to reset and replace the SIM card

If there is no Master Clear


Model List: SCH-U340, SCH-U740... we need to collect model #'s!

Reset Settings

  • Menu, Settings, Phone Settings, Security(requires code, either last four of phone's # or 0000), Reset Phone.

Clear Contacts

  • Menu, Contacts, Contact List, Options, Erase All.

Clear Messages

  • Menu, Messages, Options, Erase All.
  • Menu, Messages, Voicemail, Clear.

Clear Media

Depending on the phone this can be a bit different
  • Menu, Media Gallery, My Pictures, Options, Erase all.
  • Menu, Get It Now, Picture & Video, My Pictures, Options, Clear. Repeat for My Videos.