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Whitehole Server/Enterprise PROGRAM at Free Geek


The Program

Things aren't very well coordinated, but there are some regular class times and an idea of what parts exist within the program.

Class Times

  • TBA, supervised by Nathan B.


The Server program requires a great deal of pc hardware experience, so it is expected that all students have gone through the build program before moving into the white hole. From here, we have some familiar steps:

  1. Server Evaluation - determine if the incoming pizza boxes are full of tasty, fresh goodness or dried and rotting crap.
  2. Server QC - double-check the builder's work, time the battery life, keep things clean and standardized.
  3. Server Build/Repair - Now that you're familiar with things, get your hands dirty with questionably functional servers.

In addition, there are some tasks that can be done throughout your time in the white hole:

  • harddrive testing
  • os installation
  • ram sorting
  • shelf organizing

Security Guidelines:

  • Bringing personal Backpacks into the whitehole area --
  • Removing parts from the whitehole area without prior permission --
  • Advertising this Wiki --

What to Bring


Here's the howtos and information we need to accomplish our tasks.



These are mostly pages full of links to other place:


  • syllabus, repair howto(s) & triage charts, website to FG's store, wiki