Server Identification

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Servers are a special type of computer, but need to be tracked separately due to Oregon eCycles rules and similar constraints. For example, they are never (currently) covered by Oregon eCycles. We therefore need to be able to identify servers as distinct from other computers. These instructions are intended to make that possible.

GREY Chart

Is it a server?

This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

List of Server Models

  • DELL: PowerEdge
  • Sun: Sun-(any), Netra, Enterprise, Sun Blade, Sun Fire, SPARC Enterprise
  • Silicon Graphics: Altix, Origin(any), Challenge
  • HP: ProLiant, Integrity, Netserver, ML**** Series, DL**** Series, AlphaServer, RP**** Series
  • SuperMicro: Any

List of Workstation Models(Not Servers)

  • DELL: Precision
  • Sun: SunStation
  • Silicon Graphics: Iris, Onyx, Visual, Workstation
  • HP: XW**** Series, Z**** Series, AlphaStation, Visualize, Workstation
  • SuperMicro: None(yet)