Setting up Evolution

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Unfortunately Evolution will let an adopter use it to send an email even when it hasn't been set up to use an email account. This can result in messages when sending email referencing a 'broken pipe'.

The first time you open up Evolution you will be presented with a wizard walking you through setting up Evolution. Most of the wizard is relatively straight forward but setting up the POP/IMAP and SMTP servers isn't something that most adopters can handle. The mail servers will depend on the email account (, etc).

  • Whiz to Coho's should be and but it would be a good idea to check.
  • Gmail's are and but you will need to enable IMAP or POP up through the web interface first.
  • Most email accounts will require you to enable mail delivery through the web interface.

Pop.png Smtp.png

If you are using POP for mail delivery you may want to consider checking the box labeled 'Leave messages on server' if the adopter wants to be able to check their email from the web interface at another computer.