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[[Category: Howto]]

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How to set up a queue and email list for FOOBAR:

On haibane (mailman server)

On waitron (mail server) as root

  • Add an alias to /etc/postfix/virtual_alias like this:
 FOOBAR@freegeek.org FOOBAR@todo.freegeek.org
  • Run this command:
 postmap /etc/postfix/virtual_alias

On todo (RT server) as root

  • Add email aliases to /etc/aliases/ like this:
 FOOBAR: "|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue FOOBAR --action correspond --url http://localhost/rt/"
 FOOBAR-comment: "|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue FOOBAR --action comment --url http://localhost/rt/"
  • Run this command:

In RT as an administrator

  • Create a user:
    • Username = FOOBAR-user
    • Email address = FOOBAR@lists.freegeek.org
    • Real name = Fake FOOBAR user
    • Allow the user to be granted rights
  • Set up a queue called FOOBAR and:
    • Give the appropriate group (probably fgcore) the regular RT Permissions
    • Add FOOBAR-user as an admin-cc watcher to the FOOBAR queue\
    • Give FOOBAR-user the right to create and reply to tickets

Test it

  • Send a message to FOOBAR@freegeek.org
  • Wait a while and check the FOOBAR RT queue
  • Check the mailman archives for FOOBAR