Sexual Harassment Policy

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Sexual Harassment Policy: Adopted by the Staff Collective on March 30, 2012.
List of Policies - Policy Development

This policy applies to all Free Geek employees.

Preventing and remedying sexual harassment in the workplace is essential to ensure a non-discriminatory, safe environment. Sexual harassment is conduct which is 1) sexual in nature, 2) unwelcome and 3) denies or limits a person's ability to do their work. It can also include conduct that is not sexual in nature but is gender-related. Sexual harassment includes the harassment of the same or of the opposite sex.

Whenever Free Geek hears a complaint of sexual harassment, whether or not that complaint is made formally or includes a request for action, we will conduct a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation and take appropriate steps to resolve the situation. Investigations and resolutions will respect people's confidentiality as much as possible, but they will also take into account the seriousness of the complaint and whether it forms part of a pattern of complaints.

All paid employees of Free Geek should report any incident of sexual harassment they witness by emailing hr AT lists DOT freegeek DOT org, the Human Resources Administrator or any member of the HR Committee with as many details as possible. Free Geek will not tolerate any retaliation towards any employee or volunteer who reports sexual harassment. Reporters and victims of sexual harassment will be informed of steps taken to investigate and resolve the situation.

All new hires will be informed of Free Geek's sexual harassment policy. We will also provide periodic sexual harassment prevention training no less frequently than once every 30 months.


POLICY NAME: Preventing and Remedying Sexual Harassment