Should I Start a Free Geek

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Starting a Free Geek is a lot of work. There's no money in it. We are strictly a non-profit venture. You'd be crazy to even think of starting one, so give up now.

Still here? OK, you're persistent. But the road is long and rough.

Some things to consider:

Is there another similar organization in your area?
Maybe not exactly a Free Geek, but something close enough that it'll satisfy your needs. Get involved with them instead.
Are there enough interested people?
You need all kinds. You need people who understand technology. You need people who understand the "social work" angle of the type of work. (Giving away free things makes you a sort of social worker.) You need people who are connected to other nonprofits in your community, and lots of folks who actually have time. No one person will be able to do it on their lonesome.
Are you in it for the long haul?
It can take a long, long time to move a project like this into fruition. If you have a group of people who want to do it over summer break, pick a smaller project.