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We get a lot of email to the Info@ list. Most of it is pretty much what we see in Volunteer@, but every so often we get some specific kinds of requests. This is one of them.

Often, the person writing us--on behalf of their 'sick friend'--runs or is involved with a nonprofit agency. In these cases, we can turn them towards our | Hardware Grants page, and they can apply and go through the grants process like anyone else.

Unfortunately, others are more in the line of "I can't volunteer, can I still get a computer?" all the way to "I have this friend, they can't volunteer, can you give them a computer?"

The short answer to both of these questions is NO--but that's unhelpful. In these cases, having some sort of set response covering the 'high points' is a good idea. Below is a short (slightly modified) example, sent in response to a recent request:

-- Hi there!

We do our best to ensure that folks of *every* ability level can come in and earn their own computers. Not only does this foster self-worth, but there are some very simple tasks--floppy deconstruction, data entry, battery sorting, label-making--that Adoption volunteers can do for us. Other low-physical-impact stations around here include Keyboard Test and Speaker Test, and all jobs need to be done. Plus, there's no replacement for the amount people learn, just by *being* in the building.

Ideally, we want volunteers to donate hours for their *own* computers. If that's absolutely impossible, though, do you or your friend know anyone that can volunteer in their place? Most people know someone, and they might be willing to help acquire a computer from us. Remember, we're open Tuesday through Saturday, eleven to seven pm--that fits into most folks' standard working schedule. Our only requirement for volunteers, still, is that they take an orientation tour of Free Geek. These are held at noon, and again at six pm.

As far as exchanging hardware for a Freekbox, please note that we absolutely *do not*, and *will not* in the foreseeable future, be trading hardware for Freekboxen. You're more than welcome to come in and donate parts, as long as you understand you're not trading across the board. We accept almost anything electronic--our exceptions are microwaves, smoke detectors, televisions, and just about any large appliance you put food or clothes into. Everything else? Fair game.

Please write back with any questions; we'll do our best to answer.

Hope this helped,

Jeanne Outreach Intern --