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Students at Simon Fraser University started the Free Geek Club to organize Free Geek activities on campus. The club is funded by the Simon Fraser Student Society and aims to promote computer waste recycling and open source software at SFU.


  • Starting computer recycling for the campus community at the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group. We are working with the PIRG Technology Action Group and SFU Facilities Management to collect computers for recycling at Free Geek at the PIRG. The PIRG is a natural location since they already collect batteries, cellphones, printer cartriges and compost for recycling.

To promote computer recycling at SFU, an action item this semester should be convincing the Peak news editor to do a piece on Free Geek, computer recycling, the PIRG and the fact that Lawrence Reason of Facilities Management is now recycling some of SFU's computers at the PIRG. Should also mention how Free Geek donated hardware to the PIRG and maybe soon to the Grad Student Society.

  • Linux seminar, movie event and hackathon to be held in the Computing Science Instructional Lab. Topics will include using free tools for course work and open source development.