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Relevant Dates: January 11-present

  • This phase of the Spanish Build Program is open registration and is the structure that the Spanish Build program will retain until further notice.
  • Three spaces each shift (Tuesdays, Saturdays) will be blocked off for Spanish-speakers to sign up first-come-first-serve.
  • In the case that the spots for Spanish-speakers are not taken the day of the shift, they may be assigned to English-speakers.
  • When logging Spanish Build hours, under program, "Spanish Build" should be selected.

The Spanish Build Schedule will be:


Tuesdays 2:00-5:45

Saturdays 2:00-5:45


Tuesdays 10:00-1:45

Saturdays 10:00-1:45

In order to allow Spanish speaking participants the opportunity to sign up for these sought after shifts, three spots will be blocked off every Tuesday and Saturday in Hardware ID, System Evaluation and Build.

Adding Pages To PreBuild And Build

The online schedule has the following Spanish Build shifts marked as "SPANISH":

  • Three spaces on Tuesdays and Saturdays for Hardware ID at 2:00-5:45,
  • Three spaces on Tuesdays and Saturdays for System Evaluation at 2:00-5:45,
  • Three spaces on Tuesdays and Saturdays for Build at 10:00-1:45.

Please make sure that only Spanish speaking participants are registered in these shifts.