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Special mining is done in Eval 2 when we want to keep the empty case for sale in the thrift store. It is intended for systems that would otherwise be recycled. That is, if a system is a keeper, use the regular mining process -- not this special mining process.

  • Remove all the cards that regular mining would have you remove.
  • Remove the hard drive.
    • Be sure to leave drive rails with the system.
  • Remove the CD Drive and floppy drive (unless they are proprietarily built into the case).
    • Be sure to leave drive rails with the system.
  • Remove the motherboard.
    • Follow the instructions in Motherboard Sorting to see if it should be taken to advanced testing.
  • Record the gizmo ID number of the system on the tally sheet, and write "CASE ONLY" in the notes field.
  • Label the empty case with a HOLD FOR STORE sticker and take it to the THRIFT STORE.
    • While in the store, ask if they want more cases mined. (If not, we can turn their sign around back in Eval 2.)