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Things that show how cool Free Geek is. Please indicate the source and date of anything you add to this list. If you have a longer testimonial or item elsewhere in the wiki, please link to it here.

  • Free Geek has received nearly 287,000 (286,916) Gizmos from the public, including 31,441 systems, 33,169 monitors and 22,102 printers
    (taken by Oso from FGDB 11/2000 to 12/05/2005).
  • Free Geek has put nearly 50,000 (49,866) Gizmos back into reuse, including more than 6,400 (6,412) computer systems (taken by Oso from FGDB 11/2000 to 12/05/2005).
  • "At Free Geek, I have been able to both further my knowledge of computer hardware and software, and help train those less knowledgeable than myself. And when I or my clients have old computer systems to get rid of, we know they will be put to the best possible use."
    -Pete Forsyth, small business owner, Puddletown Tech --Pete 15:44, 3 Dec 2005 (PST)

in-progress stuff

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Quantifying our accomplishments:

  • Free Geek has recycled approximately 700 tons of computer equipment since its inception. (estimated by Oso - life of program - 11/2000 to 12/05/2005)
  • Oso- curious about the estimate. Are there any materials, or time periods we CAN get hard numbers for, or is that just something that isn't tracked? Also, do I understand right, this is what we've sent out and literally "recycled", not including the stuff we've reused? As for the estimate, is it more estimate or hunch? --Pete 21:00, 7 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • "as asked i will give my information my name is forrest i work in various places in freegeek usualy work where they need me meening i move around alot my main reason for joining freegeek was for the store discount but when iheard it was 4 hours for 90 days of discount i decided to just keep comeing in i like working on computers from building them at home or fixing them for friends from time to time i also enjoy learniung new things and since i started at freegeek have learned more then i expected in a 1 month time" Forrest Gray, Dec '05. Posted to core, not yet "approved for public use." --Pete 18:51, 8 Dec 2005 (PST)

possible interviewees

folks reporters might want to interview for more detail on certain topics:

  • Recycling: Christen/Oso
  • Education/workforce training: Laurel (?)
  • Free Software, Free Geek as a good playground for...: Vagrant
  • Free Geek as Portland citizen: Oso
  • Fundraising: Oso
  • Worker's Collective: Shawn (?)
  • Consensus process: Richard (?)
  • LPI tests: Reid Leake, passed 101 and 102 in '05; Keith Lofstrom, prefers email over phone