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In late 2012, Free Geek's board created a strategic planning committee (known as StratComm). The committee meets twice per month and is involved in a long-term discussion about Free Geek's future. Tentatively, the process will move forward in four stages, each roughly coinciding with a quarter of the year:

  1. Evaluation of the current situation at Free Geek (1st quarter)
  2. Visioning of the future of Free Geek, 3-5 years out (2nd quarter)
  3. Planning (3rd quarter)
  4. Execution of strategy (4th quarter)

Currently we are in the second phase and are holding discussions on a vision for Free Geek's future.

Free Geek Today: Assessing Free Geek's Current Situation

In order to assess Free Geek's current situation StratComm used two initial tools: Sustainability Bubble Charts and a SWOT Analysis. More information on the individual tools and the final reports based on the collected data is below. After these reports were shared with Free Geek staff, a survey collected their reflections, comments and ideas on the Susutainability Bubble Charts and SWOT Analysis. A link to the survey results is below.

Assessment Tools

Sustainability Bubble Charts

One tool we use helps us assess a dual bottom line. This tool lets us visually review our program activities by weighing both financial success and mission impact. The process is spelled out in the book Nonprofit Sustainability and uses a bubble chart to show cost, net income (or net loss), and mission impact.

The changes in the sucesses and impact over time was also charted.


This classic tool helps us see our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats side by side.

We also conducted a SWOT excersize at our first Town Hall Meeting

Free Geek Staff Survey

The board presented the collected data from the Sustainability Charts and the SWOT Analysis to Free Geek Staff who were surveyed for comments, ideas and refelctions on Free Geek's current situation.

Free Geek Tomorrow: Vision for the Future

During the visioning phase of the strategic planning process the committee will be using the assessment tools to help brainstorm the creation of a document articulating a vision of Free Geek's future.

The committee is reviewing and incorporating data from the Volunteer Motivation Survey and a summary of volunteer feedback from the Town Hall Meeting that was held during the Volunteer Appreciation Barbecue on August 17, 2012.

A draft was presented to staff and volunteers. There was a period of collecting comments and editing the document. The final version was present to the Free Geek Board of Directors at the November 20, 2013 Board Meeting. It was unanimously adopted.

Vision Statement

Visioning Tools, Resources and Documents

Reference Materials and General Committee Information

All Documents

Vision Statement

Reference Documents about the Strategic Planning Process

Assessment Documents

Committee Members

Contact the Committee via e-mail - strategy(at)freegeek(dot)org.

  • Mark Ralston, Board, (Committee chairperson)
  • Ashley Sue Masoomian, Bargaining Unit
  • John Ashcraft, Bargaining Unit
  • Richard Seymour, Senior Management Team
  • Cynthia Prevatte, Senior Management Team
  • Darren Heiber, Senior Management Team
  • Dina Dickerson, Board

Past Members

  • Michael Kelly, Volunteer, Bargaining Unit, Management
  • Kyle Kasner, Volunteer, Bargaining Unit
  • Mary Meier, Volunteer



StratComm Meetings happen in the Free Geek Conference Room on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00.