Successful Grants

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Collins Foundation

Status: Awarded August 2004
Amount Requested: $49,000
Amount Awarded: $35,000
Final Report: Due August 2005

Flora Family Foundation

Status: Awarded August 2004
Amount Req: $10,000
Amount Awarded: $10,000
Final Report: Not Req'd

Meyer Memorial Trust

Status: Awarded August 2003
Amount Requested: $235,000
Amount Awarded: $159,000 (in two parts, $120K initially, and $39K in matching funds)

Oregon DEQ 2002

Status: Awarded January 2003 (?)
Amount Awarded: $20,000
Purpose: To expand warehouse/classroom space and storage capacity.
info from Business Journal article [1]

Oregon DEQ 2000

Status: Awarded Feb. 2001 (actual payment of $$$ - Aug. 2001)
Amount Awarded: $42,070
Purpose: pay for general operations in the first year (startup).