System Administration (PPS)

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Program Basics
  • Program Name: System Administrator
  • Program Description:
hire a coordinator to make sure the ASSes keep up with their duties and that the computer infrastructure at freegeek is functioning and provides for our continued needs.
  • What best describes this program?
    • Administrative (expected to support other programs that generate income and/or meet program needs)
  • Why does Free Geek need this program?
because we use computers to do things

Job Position Basics

  • Would there be a dedicated staff position associated with this program? yes
  • Position Title: ass coordinator
  • Job Description:
make sure our computer infrastructure is all working, train and coordinate volunteer administrators

Costs and potential costs

  • What are the expected financial staffing costs of the program? (Include all costs to the organization such as salary, payroll taxes, and benefits.)
15 hours a week
  • What other costs are associated with the program? (Include costs of materials needed, etc.)
    • the hardware needed, the utility bill for all those computers
  • If there will be a dedicated staff position, how much time would be needed for training?
    • How much time would existing staff need to put in? 2-80 hours
    • How time would existing volunteers need to put in? 2-90 hours
  • Once the program is up and running how many staff how many hours per week would it take?
    • In paid staff time? 15 hours/week
    • In volunteer time? 0-40 hours/week


  • Outline the intangible costs for the position and program:
  • Are there any possible negative impacts on Free Geek's mission, and if so what?
i am having trouble thinking of any
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions currently in effect?
it will support them and help them develop
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions being considered?


  • Would the program generate income? not likely
  • How does the program support the mission of Free Geek?
by allowing us to do the things we do, whatever they may be.

Measuring Success

  • How can the success of the program be measured?
tickets resolved, user feedback, number of volunteer sysadmin hours
  • Outline a plan for implementing the program:
hire someone, or move existing staff hours around to cover this. ask for feedback and assistance from the ASSes