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When systems come in to Free Geek, they are entered into the database, given an ID number and sent back to evaluation where volunteers prefrom triage on them, deciding which we want to keep and which will get recycled. Evaluation is also where we pull components out of the systems so the components can be tested and inventoried.

Soon, we'll be also checking for server type systems in eval. here's an initial criteria of what we are looking for:

Systems with SCSI hard drives
For this purpose, we can ignore 50 pin SCSI hard drives.
Systems in rack mountable cases
These should stand out.
Systems with dual processor capability
They don't need two processors -- just slots or sockets for two (or more processors). "Either/or" system (i.e. a system with a slot and a 3 digit ZIF socket) do not count. We are only looking for ZIF Socket 8s, 3 digit ZIF sockets, and slot based systems -- that is, those capable of taking Pentium Pros (at least for now), Pentium-IIs, and above.
Systems on a standard list of models.
  • HP Net Servers
  • Dell Edge Servers
  • Compaq Proliant Servers

For now, we'll be looking for these types of systems in Eval 1. If we find one, use the following procedure:

  • Make certain they are labeled.
  • Ask an Eval instructor to record them on the Keeper tally sheet.
  • Write 'SERVER' on the label.
  • Take to the White Hole.