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   edge [fontname="Helvetica"]
   edge [fontname="Helvetica"]
   bad_model    [label="Is it a Dell\nDimension 2350 or 2400?"]
   bad_model    [label="Is it a\nDell Dimension\n2350 or 2400?",
                  label_es="¿Es esto un\nDell Dimension\n2350 or 2400?"]
   start        [label="START HERE",  
   start        [label="START HERE",  

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Multi Core Systems

If one of these things is true, it's a Multi Core system:

  • The BIOS or label says "Core 2", "Core i3/i5/i7", "Pentium D"
  • The BIOS or label says "X2", "Phenom"
  • The BIOS indicates that it's "dual core", "quad core", or "multi-core".

English Version: System_Evaluation_Final_Triage

Versión en Español: System_Evaluation_Final_Triage_en_Español