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This policy was agreed upon by Council in September, 2002, referring back to Rick's proposal of August 24

Rick's proposal: Systems to be sold should be tested, functional, and sold explictly with NO OS/No Warranty/ No support.

Council additions and amendments:

  • Make sure the store boxes are under the specifications for the FreekBox II's.
  • Use the current build and test system so as not to disrupt the process.
  • Make sure that the clients are aware that these are not the same as the FreekBoxes they are working for.


There may well be decisions that update and revise this policy buried in the archives, or it may have developed naturally in the hands of the sales staff. Further documentation of evolution in this policy should be added to this page.

What the policy looks most like now is:

  • We don't sell sytems that are equivalent to FreekBoxen in the store. Nor do we sell components that are in such short demand that it might endanger the production of FreekBoxen. In practice this means the systems sold in the store are less than FreekBox spec. But we have recently agreed to sell a limited number of higher end systems (above FreekBox spec) as long as it doesn't impede FreekBox production.