Taking over office space in the South (PPS)

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Program Basics
  • Program Name: Taking over office space in the South
  • Program Description:
Take over space that is currently being sublet to tenants who pay rent indirectly to Free Geek.
  • What best describes this program?
    1. Administrative
  • Why does Free Geek need this program?
As we grow we need more space to process things and give people offices to work out of.

Job Position Basics

  • Would there be a dedicated staff position associated with this program?
No, it would actually free up staff, since we'd need less time collecting rent and doing landlord like activities.

Financial costs

  • What are the expected financial staffing costs of the program? (Include all costs to the organization such as salary, payroll taxes, and benefits.)
Loss of rental income -- $226 per month if all tenants (except Ken) leave. $616 per month if all tenants left.
  • What other costs are associated with the program?
Cabling and phone infrastructure -- exact costs unknown


  • Outline the intangible costs for the position and program:
There will disruption of most areas of Free Geek as people move around.
  • Are there any possible negative impacts on Free Geek's mission, and if so what?
Not really.
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions currently in effect?
Fitting into the overall space usage plan, this would help streamline operations by allowing production to centralize.
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions being considered?
(see previous question)


  • Would the program generate income? NO
  • How does the program support the mission of Free Geek?
Indirectly by providing office space for staff and reducing the amount of non-mission related administrative work.

Measuring Success

  • How can the success of the program be measured?
Less administrative time spent on chasing rent, more adequate office space for staff.
  • Outline a plan for implementing the program:
As current tenants leave, take over their space. Potentially give notice to smaller tenants or to grab contiguous space. Integrate with established space usage process.