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In such a class (which I somehow forgot about taking after completing my track), now I would probably be asking questions specifically about "radio" and "streaming audio". And questions about how to tailor package and make choices about managing "updates" and "upgrades" in relation to the bandwidth limitations of a 56k/dialup internet connection. So I think this FAQ goes a long way toward beginning to enable self-follow-up to such questions.

For various reasons, I can't seem really to put myself in the place of people who are presumably comfortable or at least accustomed to using GUI thingys over high-speed connections via web applications for word processing, accounting, and even e-mail. But this FAQ seems to be a nicely step-wise teaser about Ubuntu's potential for video (and audio) production hence its potential for enhancing web social networking experience. As well as (oh, by the way) easing peeps into Ubuntu forums and ways of volunteering and so forth. And of course giving even more texture to a cultural backdrop of Free Geek's own ways of doing things. --Moorere 20:20, 3 November 2007 (PDT)

  • So, some things to add:
    • Streaming audio
    • Streaming video
    • Internet connections: what's the difference? what's possible on each?