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Notes on facilitating the first BRAWL

Jashcraft 14 April 2012

  • Start with a break
    • Unless we close the building earlier than 5:00 it seems unrealistic to start before 5:15. Some staff need a 15 minute break before the meeting and others were still closing their areas. Starting promptly at 5:15 worked well for me but left only an hour and 45 minutes for the agenda.
  • Check in with presenters beforehand
    • The day before the meeting I finalized the agenda after talking with each presenter. I had at least one item drop off of the agenda because the presenter lost interest and forgot to tell anyone.
    • This would be a good time to verify the AV needs of each presenter. With notice Darren should be able to set up the projector.
  • Work extra time into the agenda
    • I gave everyone 5 minutes more than they expected to need. This allowed a few people to continue productive lines of questioning without compromising the agenda.
  • Keep things moving
    • I ended many conversations in the interest of progressing the agenda. My strategy involved trying to acknowledge and redirect the enthusiasm for the topic by suggesting appropriate ways to continue the conversation. (over email or by talking to a coordinating individual)
  • Need two hours of preparation time before the meeting to set the agenda.
  • Should plan for food for the meeting
  • Facilitator should make sure the website shows any closing information

Bargaining Unit Staff Scribe and Facilitators Proposal

Generate a randomly sorted list of BU staff, the first person on the list will be the upcoming facilitator, the second on the list scribe. We cross a person's name off the list once they've served their respective role. New staff will be randomly added to the list amoungst the remaining uncrossed off people, but otherwise the order will remain unchanged.

The following list was generated by writing a file with everyone's name in it, one per line, and running "sort -R" on the file, and cutting and pasting the output.

Example Strikethrough Elizabeth Swager

Omar Vargas

Aradan Thompson

Liliana Gaitan

Jake Taasevigen

Kevin Wright

Brian Keefer

James Pella

Ryan Niebur

Michael Westwind

Cliff Fortune

Ashley Sue Masoomian

Santiago Carmona

Misty Fall

John Ashcraft

Robert Taylor

Eli Wisnievitz

Lynnae Griffiths

Austin Crouch

Vagrant Cascadian