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Tentative revisions to cell phone testing process 6/21/11

Collect From Receiving
  • There is a lock-box in Receiving where incoming cell phones are stored after being donated. The key for this box is on a hook in TARDIS and attached to a heat sink.
  • Collect contents of lock-box as well as the contents of the Cell Phone Accessories box.
Pre-test Evaluation, Recycling and Storage Auto-Recycle vs. Save
  • Save:
    • Anything with a touch screen
    • Blackberries
      • Only very fancy and new Blackberries (e.g., Blackberry Storm) get tested. All the others get wiped and sent to the store/Online Sales.
    • iPhones (put in Tom's box in TARDIS)
    • Cameras (put in Tom's box in TARDIS)
  • Recycle everything else and put in the cell phone recycling box in TARDIS:
    • Pull out all SIM/SD cards and place in the box of SD cards in TARDIS to be wiped
      • Most Verizon phones (e.g., Razors) do not have SD cards
    • For pagers: pull out the battery and put into the CBM bin in the Warehouse
    • Make sure there are no exposed batteries: if back plate is missing, use tape or a label to tape up the back
      • If battery is bulging or oozing or crusty, bring it to the Warehouse to be properly disposed of