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Could someone make a report on the Geek Acess Point GAP systems out in the public? How they doin?

I propose that Collab/NAP is taking on an "everything outside freegeek" feel, where they are the most public face we have to the external world. Should we incorporate into the mix the GAP, which has been underutilized?

This is kinda more to take on for sure, but maybe by combining the projects it will relieve some work.

The GAP project has basically three sites that we have something to do with on an ongoing basis:
  • Red and Black Cafe (three terminals with high usage)
  • Redwing Cafe (one terminal with moderate usage)
  • Back to Back Cafe (one terminal with high usage, but it doubles as the business computer for the cafe workers)
We periodically get requests from other places to set up GAP sites. In general we want a new person to join the GAP group when this happens, so we can support the new boxes. This is usually what stops new GAP boxes from actually being deployed -- the fact that they realize actual support is needed. (A little more info is available at GAP.)
I think the GAP program is quite successful (ask at the R&B how popular the computers are), though it flies under the radar of many people at Free Geek.
From a staff perspective the Propagation committee oversees both Collab/NAP and GAP, so there already is a connection. GAP sites are community based, but not non-profit, so perhaps there's a bit of a discrepancy with the Collab/NAP mission.
rfs 12:05, 15 Mar 2005 (PST)