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Receiving Position Notes, corrections

exploratory advanced receiving position (Matthew) is ending March 24.

The HR Calendar shows March 21 or April 11, depending on how we count Matthew's three week break. I don't know where the 24th came from. RfS 18:50, 17 Mar 2006 (PST)

Richard: there are two fundamentally different kind of things that we have called internships. "Exploratory internship" are high-level, exploring new positions at free geek. "Job experience" internship might be people who don't have the interest or aptitude for full collective membership. So the clearest thing Richard is getting from Matthew, is "maybe the Receiving position is not a good place for a marginalized member."

To paraphrase what I think I said better, I'd swap the word interest out in favor of experience. I didn't use the term "marginalized member" either. I probably used the phrase "job experience intern" or something like that. RfS 18:50, 17 Mar 2006 (PST)