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see Talk:Distro

Why would you want to go with KDE? I assume you want the same GUI for all your boxen, which makes sense. But GNOME runs far better especially on older hardware, which you might have quite some off too? And what about XFCE4? It's even lighter. Heck, I even use it on my Big Iron, just because it's nice and fast.

i'm no fan of KDE, but saying GNOME runs better than KDE on older (or any) hardware seems to contradict everything i've ever witnessed with my own eyes.

i would contend that XFCE4 is unwieldly and a poor user interface. though i'd personally say the same for both KDE and GNOME, which ride on being similar to other common poorly implemented user interfaces. but that's all about personal preferences and tastes, and i prefer whole grains and vegetables, thank you very much.

the short answer to "whither KDE" is, it was the only proposal when the call for for prototypes was made. the Freekbox3 has served us pretty well, all things considered. people find it reasonably easy to use, and more importantly, teach.

currently, there is exploration of using ubuntu, which uses GNOME by default.


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