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Advanced Testing Coordinator

Job Description

The Advanced Testing Coordinator is a multifaceted position here at Free Geek requiring high levels of multitasking and problem solving. It combines the skills of volunteer management and program coordination with developing testing procedures for the purpose of reuse of used technology. Advanced Testing is a Post-Build Program designed to give volunteers hands-on education to become familiar with various technology while testing equipment that will go back into the reuse stream. The main focus of the Advanced Testing is to provide quality tested gizmos to other production areas, to use for organizational infrastructure, and to sell in the Thrift Store and Online Sales in order to provide organizational revenue necessary to help Free Geek reach it's mission.

The Advanced Testing Coordinator is responsible for integrating the Advanced Testing into both the production flow as well as the entire organization. The Advanced Testing Coordinator will train Advanced Testing volunteers to follow testing procedures, provide feedback to improve systems, and eventually become trainers themselves. She/He will also interview volunteer interns with specific skill-sets to maintain or improve area testing, and occasional focused projects in Advanced Testing. The Advanced Testing Coordinator will work with the Production Committee to ensure other reuse programs are operating smoothly, and support other production areas including working floor shifts.


  • Interview, orient, train and coordinate volunteers and volunteer interns during floor shifts in Advanced Testing.
  • Work with other instructors and volunteers to refine Advanced Testing and other production area procedures.
  • Keep Advanced Testing orderly and stocked with supplies.
  • Ensure a steady supply of tested gizmos to the Store, Online Sales, Grants, Build and Infrastructure.
  • Be an active member of the Production Committee and other committees related to Advanced Testing.
  • Track tested devises going to the store and to online sales.
  • Prioritize testing according to needs of other production areas and sales.
  • Work with instructors and volunteers to keep testing documentation up to date and easy to follow.
  • Communicate with other instructors to maintain or improve infrastructure in Advanced Testing.
  • Maintaining Advanced Testing volunteer shifts schedule, making sure that Advanced Testing shifts are adequately staffed by volunteers.
  • Provide avenues/opportunities for Advanced Testing volunteers beyond testing gizmos.
  • Participate in comprehensive planning for program changes that affect Advanced Testing and other production areas.

Laptop Build

  • Work floor shifts coordinating volunteers in Laptop Build, including providing Laptop refurbishment education to volunteers
  • Maintain organization of the Laptop area to maintain and increase workspace and efficiency
  • Coordinate with other Laptop Build staff to refine process and documentation

Online Sales

  • Prepare and sell items online in accordance with Online Sales process
  • Maintain organization of the Online Sales area to maintain and increase workspace and efficiency
  • Work with other Online Sales staff to communicate area status and needs to Production/Reuse Committee on an ongoing basis
I think we should change the name of the page to Advanced Testing Coordinator Job Description 
instead of a page using your name. If you were to leave and we needed a new person, the job
would stay largely the same. BUT, we could have a short page called eBeth Job Description
that just says (see Advanced Testing Coordinator Job Description, eBeth also does these
(specified) duties in Laptops and Online Sales. RfS 18:15, 21 August 2010 (UTC)