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I am hoping to compile useful resources for new staff members, including how-to wiki pages. Here are some additions to this page I think would be important for that purpose. --Scrump 22:57, 10 May 2012 (UTC)

Side Bar Explanations

  • Hours
    • Entry: Enter volunteer hours for a contact within FGdb. This can be done on the same day (default) or retroactively. Make sure to select the task type (e.g. Receiving, Build, Teaching), Program (e.g. Adoption, Internship, etc.), and Community Service type (Court or school, if needed) appropriately. View hours entered from newest to oldest, and edit or delete these if privileges exist.
    • Points Trade: Move Adoption points from one volunteer to another so that they can adopt a computer together (or so that one person can help another out). The volunteer giving away points must be present in order to do this. Make sure that volunteer knows that