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Stuff that could be added to this page, if it's the right place for it and got filled in a little:

Cool! -- MW
you have a quota
too bad you can't find out how close you are to overrunning it!
According to Martin, there is no quota on the email system. Do you have contrary information? -- MW

For information on quota, see Martin's message to the ASS list on 11/08/2005, with subject "Re: [freegeek-ass] Mail quota warning".

As you have to be on the ass list to see Martin's message, I'll summarize: 50MB quota is in force, we have some space to give out extra space at the moment, long term we want to replace that server anyway.
sending mail
you may send mail through as a SMTP server if you do so within a few hours of signing in to check your mail.
Does not work reliably and not at all for relaying to a non-freegeek address. -- MW
how to change your password
ask an ASS in person.
your address plus
mail addressed to "" will get delivered just the same as mail to "". You might use this feature to give different addresses to different sign-up services.
spam filtering
if you create a mail folder called "Spam", stuff caught by our spam filtration system will end up in it. We provide no interface for customizing or tuning the spam filter.
other things we do to your mail
virus filter, etc. that stuff probably doesn't even make it in to the "Spam" folder. I don't know.
other limits on mail
is there a per-message size limit?
things we don't support yet

kenny's notes (from ass email list)

Awesome! Thanks Pete.

Since you are much better than I at getting things across in an easy to understand way, I'll let you work in the following comments in whatever way seems appropriate to you (or not at all);

"Home Computer..."

People using their home computer to send mail as should use a SPF authorized mailer (such as This is merely encouraged now, but may be required later.

"You can actually use Free Geek's SMTP server from anywhere..."

If you go to a coffee shop that blocks outgoing SMTP, you will not be able send mail with just as you wouldn't be able to use your regular ISP's SMTP server.

"NOTE: IP addresses are sometimes..."

SMTP client sites authorized by pop-before-smtp are not subjected to RBL tests. So if you are connecting from a spam host, as long as you log in, you will be able to relay. (And so can everyone else using the same IP).