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This looks great. The list of questions is quite thorough - we might want to make sure that newbies know that they don't need to have all of the stuff we ask questions about in place before starting, but we'd just like them to think ahead a bit. I don't have any questions to add, really. I'm ready to format it to speak more to new startups if you are. I'd probably remove the text of the c7 minutes, and probably remove the "Related Issues" section as well (they seem more like notes for us anyway).


I moved the decision to here for now. We can drop it later. I want to hold on to the related issues section for a little while longer, so people can see the context that we're talking about this in. I think later on, we'll have some new kind of a category around this, maybe. RfS

From C7 Minutes:

DECISION: We'll create a Free Geek Startup Franchise Agreement.  This will
involve creating a form for Ray and all other FGs out there to fill out. 
They'll apply to be a FG Startup, we'll take the opportunity to tell them some
requirements they'll need to fulfull in the future to become an official FG,
and we'll tell them if we accept them as a startup, and give feedback.

 * We'd like to ask other FGs to submit questions for the form as well.
 * This is the start of a process we'll need to use more and more as more FGs
- Commit: Richard and Shawn will oversee the creation of the FG Trademark

Oh, the Software Overview page doesn't mention anything about what software other FGs are using (it's referenced in the question about familiarity with all FGs' software). Perhaps we should suggest that they look at the distro archives, or even join the distro list?



I think we should organize the questions into a few categories and have a section heading over each. RfS

official Free Geek franchise or an official Affiliate of Free Geek.

Ok, there's lots of mention in this article about the two options. But no real hard and fast rule/definition between them.

Maybe have a step by step qualification checklist.

If one meets the top 10, then 'starter'.

If one meets the list of 20, then 'affilate'.

If one meets the entire list of criteria, then 'official FG'.


--Iain-Davidson 00:12, 19 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Could you clarify your question after reading this?
There are both two options and two stages.
The two options are referred to in the principles.
Option 1 -- Become an Official Free Geek
This gives an organization the right to use the Free Geek name. (We may have other benefits someday but that's pretty much it for now.)
Option 2 -- Becom a Free Geek Affiliate
This lets an organization that does something similar to us say that they're affiliated with us, but not to use our name. (I imagine we'd have a logo for their website, etc.) We haven't done much talking about this since we first formulated the principles a while back.
For option one, we're looking at a two step process, and we've defined step one of that process fairly well. These are the two steps are referred to in this franchise application document:
Step One -- apply for and get preliminary status
Essentially this is to determine whether the startup understands what a Free Geek is, actually understands and agrees to the mission and principles, and is willing to communicate with us, and wants to go forward. If all criteria are met, the group can begin using the Free Geek name to register domain names, advertise itself, etc. This stage is there to filter out the folks that like the name "Free Geek' but don't fully understand the concept, for instance folks that want to start a recycling business rather than a nonprofit. (Thos folks would be encouraged to start up an affiliate perhaps (option 2 above).
Step Two -- apply for and get ongoing status
This stage is about creating a solid, workable business plan that lets the startup actually do what it says it wants to do in Step One. We haven't spelled this out very well yet, though we've got a fair amount of notes and experience. We want a few groups to get to the preliminary status and for us to talk about this stage together, because it will be a very detailed process. (Setting up business plans usually are.)
Does that shed some light on things? Do you still have questions?
RfS 09:06, 19 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Status as a Free Geek Flow Chart

This is a tool for the franchise group to use in determining if a potential startup should be granted "Free Geek Affiliate" or "Official Free Geek" status.

This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

that definitely helps ! (Cool graph!) I think my original question had to do with the fact of the original article Free Geek Startup Trademark Use Application had no text explaining the difference. I did a search on 'affilate' in this site and found a few pages. After awhile I got the idea.. however, there seems to be quite a number of pages which could be consolidated together for consistancy and simplicity. Good luck.
--Iain-Davidson 01:03, 21 Jun 2006 (PDT)

New category: Partnership or "in cooperation with".

I was talking with a few folks here. Who aren't necessarially interested in the 'complete Free Geek package or branding'. But would like to use many of the resources and ideas of the Free Geek experience. They would like to work with the Free Geeks up and down the Cascadia corridor area. But at the same time do a 'for profit' model.

So about about businesses which create an 'official partnership' with the Free Geek franchise, but not necessarily in the same name (i.e. something like Technology Community ReUse ). Have lots of Free Geek information and swag to sell/give away, encouraging the organization.

Or about 'in cooperation with', who have working and ongoing relationships with Free Geeks and other "ReBuild, ReUse, and ReCycling" opportunities. But doesn't necessarily want to be directly associated with FG's.

Just some other terms and relationships to think about.. :) -Iain

First, if they want to affiliate with Free Geek, that is comply with this stuff:
  1. Have a mission that is similar to and does not contradict the Free Geek Mission Statement.
  2. Dispose of equipment in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.
  3. Use Free/Open Source Software wherever possible and must promote the Free Software philosophy in other ways, such as transparent collaboration with others.
  4. Provide low- and no-cost computer technology and training to their community.
...then they can just apply for affiliate status (not using Free Geek as part of their name).
Second, if they want to use our software, documentation, etc., all that is open source anyway, and folks can just use it.
RfS 08:35, 27 Jun 2006 (PDT)