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What technical resources would be good for new startups?

Could the Mothership host a email List for satellites? Maybe after the paperwork has been turned in? Then we could just pass new volunteers to that email list? could/should we have part of the web site have a page for upencoming Startups? Should there be a reular 3-month checkin/review of startups?

exciting to see some activity in Arkensas! awesome!! --Revphil 12:53, 16 Feb 2006 (PST)

It would seem that there should be some centralized lists and functions. At the very least till a startup is up on their feet. I also think there should be a link on the site that will list other locations as well as anounce new startups. I am from South Bend Indiana. I visit there often enough. If i had known there was a Michiana Free Geek I would have dropped in there before and encouraged IT Professionals and others to drop in and check out Free Geek Michiana.

--Water Seven

Any Free Geeks in the Long Island/NYC area? I'll drive to Pennsylvania, but damn, we should really have one, I mean really.

And one everywhere! Specially the City, though. Join the mailing list? (It's at the bottom of the article, but
-- baxrob