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Instead of going RAM, SDRAM, DDR, why not go DDR, SDRAM, RAM? That seems more logical to me.

Also, can we do anything about the server note? -- Blaine

Remember that there are systems with both SDRAM and DDR.
Also we want to avoid the RAM swapping step for DDR only systems (and send them to the TARDIS instead as per Dave). By asking about SDRAM first, we find out if we can try systematically swapping out SDRAM (66/100/133) or not. If there's no SDRAM, then we need to find out if there's DDR (since we want to avoid the swapping). If not, the only thing that can be left is RAMBUS so there's no need to ask.
We could ask if it's a DDR only system first, then move on to RAMBUS, and then make the assumption about the SDRAM. But the majority of systems without RAM will have SDRAM slots and so this is the least amount of steps for the most systems.
RfS 15:59, 12 Apr 2006 (PDT)