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We need a better procedure to get groups started. Outlining steps to get started, and responsibilities of groups and group leaders needed.

  • initial contact through phone call or email
  • Staff take on contacting the group outlining the process, and what we need out of groups,
  • emphasize that we want groups to be able to come, but also need to get our work done

responsibilities of the group:

  • schedule your group in advance to secure the spot
  • keep numbers the same, don't switch group members around
  • have a list of names of members of group for easy data entry after every shift
  • keep track of hours, if someone misses shifts, arrange for them to make up the time if they all are scheduled in the same class
  • be on time
  • cancel as soon as you know
  • breaks are fine, but don't abuse
  • ratio of kids vs adults is mandatory

responsibilities of Free Geek

  • provide work space
  • group contact will communicate with groups regularly through their volunteer time at FG
  • make sure they get work that's appropriate and fun