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New Process

Group volunteering refers to groups from different schools, organizations, or vocational programs that come to Free Geek to learn life and job skills, or just volunteer. They come usually once per week, and must have group leaders/counselors with them if the members of the group are younger than 16. The counselors or leaders be trained on the task(s) the group will be performing.

Please note: Groups that want to participate in the Build Program should be asked to sign up as individuals. We do not host group volunteering for the Build Program.

Groups must volunteer for a minimum of 1.5 hours per session.

Process for volunteering as a group:

  • Group applies using online application form
  • Volunteer coordinator contacts group leader, works out time and day logistics, arranges for leader to come in to Free Geek for a tour and some volunteering in area of interest, sends group leader links to our online volunteer orientation packet, volunteer applications, and group volunteering information sheet
  • Volunteer coordinator schedules group tour. If the group is more than 4 people, an individualized, abbreviated tour is arranged. Volunteer coordinator will schedule tour guide, or will be the tour guide
  • Group comes in for tour and hands in already-completed volunteer applications
  • Group leader hands in signed agreement
  • Group ready to begin volunteering
  • Group leader or volunteer coordinator may schedule a meeting to discuss issues related to group volunteering
  • Group begins volunteering, hands in time sheet at the end of each volunteer experience.

If you have questions, feel free to ask Sarah, our Volunteer Coordinator.

See the Group Volunteering Policy for more details

Tours for Groups - If you want a group tour that's separate from the regular noon and 5 pm tours, complete the web application form.

Old Content:

  • Ask these questions:

Info to include:

  • Name of Group
  • Day of Week - (of course we're closed Sun & Mon)
  • Time: -start to end- (1.5 hrs minimum)
  • How many people all together: -no more than 6 students and 2 counselors, or 8 people all together-
  • what can they do? -age and skill level is important to prepare enough reasonable and fun work for them-
  • Group Contact: Name of the group leader and their phone or e-mail, but no complete emails, please (e.g. darryl at freegeek dot org)
  • Free Geek Contact Person
  • Group Leader Orientation - decide on a day and time when the group leader can come in and spend a couple of hours learning the job, as well as where First Aid Kits, bathrooms and the Lounge area are.