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working on a multi-profile CD that includes:


at the moment, i've build a CD that includes all that in 701MB.

ideally we can get it down to 650MB, but maybe it's not worth the effort. if we shoot for 680MB, that leaves us some room for expansion:

here's a comparison of packages installed with freekbox3 and freekbox3-gnome profiles:


(not sure this is complete - stupit join command - but)

Is there any perceived value to local branding for the install process, or the final system's default configuration? That is to say, what do you think of an installer CD that presents your locla FreeGeek website on the installer, and perhaps includes the phone number for your local FreeGeek HQ on the login screen?

Personally, I think there's tremendous benefit, assuming we can get an easily streamlined system for mastering CDs with such customizations.
Skippy 04:55, 27 Sep 2005 (PDT)